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Looking for Secure Storage in Hammersmith? Here Are Some Points to Consider

Whether or not you are doing a removal to Hammersmith, you will likely need some amount of free space around your office or home. There are few things you will need to keep in mind before you hire a man with a van company to drag these items away to a storage facility, thus ensuring that you will have a pleasant experience and that nothing will be damaged in the process:

  • Remember that locks and security gates are not thief-proof

Studies nowadays show that most of the self storage burglaries have been a result of inside job type operations by criminals who pretended to be customers. Traditionally burglars will rent out a storage unit much the same way as anyone else, but they wait for a good chance to do their nefarious work. Once inside, they will usually cut a good number of padlocks by using bolt cutters, taking whatever they want from the customers under the nose of an unsuspecting manager and then replacing the locks with their own so that they can enter and exit as they see fit. As you can see this can be a big problem, so a lot of companies are working on its prevention by using cylinder locks that lack the exposed hasp usually cut by burglars using bolt cutters. A lot of storage companies also give you the chance to use your own padlocks for increased security and to ensure no manager will ever give out any spare keys to potential criminals or to enter your rented space.

  • Check their alarm systems and other security measures

You should also see whether the facility you’re looking to hire has installed alarms on every door so that they will know when the self storage unit was opened and used. You should do this before you work on relocation to Hammersmith via a man and van or in another way. Most of these facilities nowadays will have extra security cameras around, so make sure the camera coverage is as large as possible and 24 hours a day for perfect results. Asking a lot of questions about these matters will provide you with enough information about the commitment of the facility to safety. If the questions are not answered sufficiently enough, then it may be time to look elsewhere in or around Hammersmith.

  • Be careful with move-in discounts

Some facilities out there make it a habit to move you into a lower rate only to raise the rent a few months down the line. Before you decide upon renting out a unit and using a Hammersmith man and van service to transfer your goods to the facility, you should ask the manager about their rates and how often they are raised. If they cannot guarantee they will not raise the rent, then you may wish to reconsider. If they do say they won’t you should ask for that to be confirmed in writing. If they are not willing to provide that, then it would be a good idea to look elsewhere for a similar service before you book a man with van service. Some storage companies even offer man and a van hire options to lower the price of your move.

  • Climate controlled storage

Since the weather in London is generally known to all locals to be of the usually damp variety, you will need to consider that the changes in humidity can be quite damaging to wooden furniture and fabrics that are not secured well enough. It is not quite unusual to find mildew on fabric left in a standard storage unit, so you would do well to ensure you choose places that protect against the high levels of moisture found in London. Hammersmith is no exception on rainy days, so think on that and go for climate controlled storage. Do that and you will have no issues whenever you decide to hire a man with a van service in Hammersmith.

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